Pressure Sensitive Tape

Stop wasting Time and Money on UHMW sheets!

  • Tight Thickness Tolerances
  • Apply in minutes instead of hours
  • No more drilling and bolting
  • No more seams

1/4 the amount of material needed to do the same job. Think about the savings!

Continuous UHMW Wear Strip & Pressure Sensitive Wear Tapes

  • Thickness Gauges - .003" to .125"
  • Widths - Custom Slit 1/4" to 18"
  • Rolls Lengths - 50 ft. or 100 ft. (longer lengths available)
  • Colors - Natural & Black-Static Conductive
  • Thickness Tolerance ± 10%
  • Width Tolerance ± 1/32 (special tolerance per request)

We process and treat the UHMW so it can be bonded to a pressure sensitive, adhesive backing. This eliminates the need to mechanically fasten and reduces waste. Since countersinking 1/4" sheet only provides a 1/16" usable wear surface, this same goal can be achieved by using a 1/16" UHMW with the pressure sensitive backing.

Skived UHMW film and Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Thickness gauges: .003", .005", .007", .010", .013", .015", .020"

UHMW Wear Strips and PSA Tapes
Thickness gauges: .030", .040", .050", .060", .070", .080", .090", .100", .125"
(Special gauges and tolerances available per request)

  • Continuous extruding allows for longer rolls for easier handling when machining parts, cutting pieces and for little or no seams in glide rails and conveyor systems.
  • Rolls slit to width for a better material yield to eliminate waste.

Pressure Sensitive Tapes for applications where mechanical fastening is not practical or for less labor-intensive installation

  • Standard 5 mil rubber-based adhesive with an excellent combination of high tack and good peel strength compared to other adhesives on the market
  • Acrylic adhesive available for applications with higher temperatures; also for better chemical and UV resistance

Treated for Bonding Material that is etched and oxidized to accept contact cement or epoxies for permanent adhesion.

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