Gar-Dur® UHMW applications for Wastewater Treatment Plant equipment. Primary and Secondary Sedimentation tanks, chain and flight systems.

Garland Manufacturing offers a complete line of non-metallic, abrasion resistant material and parts for wastewater treatment plant equipment, including sedimentation and clarifier tanks. In primary and secondary WWTP processing applications, UHMW is the best choice for sedimentation and clarifier tank components. No other material can match the benefits and long service life in high abrasion and high impact applications. For high grit applications, Garland Manufacturing offers our GarDur brand UHMW in both virgin grade UHMW, as well as UHMW RG, a reprocessed grade of UHMW Polyethylene.

Gar-Dur® 100% virgin UHMW-PE

Illustration of Gar-Dur's function in a waste water treatment situation.



  • Made from the highest molecular weight resin. Minimum molecular weight of 4.2 million
  • ASTM D-4020 01-A and the current standard specification for UHMW Polyethylene, D-4020-11
  • FDA/USDA and NSF approved
  • Chemical & UV resistant
  • Low surface friction. UHMW's coefficient of friction is .14 or less
  • Will not absorb water or most chemicals
  • Light weight - UHMW floats with a density of .93
  • Long lasting performance


  • Longer wear life than steel
  • UHMW is non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Lower replacement cost than steel or polyurethane
  • Less drive energy required for UHWM sprockets than for Nylon or cast iron spockets
  • Stable in chemically harsh environments
  • Will not clog the system with debris
  • Less downtime than steel, cast iron, or polyurethane

Garland offers:

  • UHMW Wear Shoes (carry wear shoes & return wear shoes, knock off wear shoes & dumbbell wear shoes)
  • UHMW Wear Rail and UHMW Wear Strips for return & floor rails
  • Idler Sprockets & Drive Sprockets
  • UHMW Sprocket Tooth Segments, Split Sprockets & Solid Sprockets
  • UHMW Static Shaft Sleeves & Collars/Bushings
  • Scum Trough Wall Bearings
  • Custom fabricated parts - CNC Machined UHMW replacement parts
  • UHMW Weirs and UHMW Trough Liners

GarDur UHMW Wastewater Brochure



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